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TreeHugger is Looking for a Full-time Alternative Energy Writer

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 As the Web’s leading destination for green news and lifestyle coverage, TreeHugger is constantly seeking to increase the quality of our content and our talent pool. Right now, that means hiring a full-time writer to cover alternative energy. We are looking for someone who has in-depth knowledge and passion about this topic, can identify and explore current and emerging trends, understands science and policy, understands how clean tech relates to the average consumer and household, and can communicate it all clearly to TreeHugger’s diverse audience. Does this like sound like you or someone you know? Then, keep reading, because we also offer a $200 referral reward if you connect us with a successful long-term hire.


The ideal candidate for this position will:


• be knowledgeable and passionate. If you're not obsessed with green, you’re probably not right for this gig.

• have excellent blogging skills. We are looking for writers who know how to write and report and who understand TreeHugger’s voice, tone, and style. The candidate should also be able to produce content quickly on a daily basis, and understand how to find leads, look for interesting angles, and have a sensitive BS detector.

• have basic Web and computer skills. Ideally, this candidate will have experience using Web publishing tools, will understand how to use images for blogging (for example, knowing how to select good images and edit and compress images), and will have basic HTML skills and some understanding of SEO principals.

• have previous knowledge and great passion for the topics of alternative energy, renewable energy, and clean tech, from the big ideas that could change the world to the real-world apps that could decrease an individual home’s carbon footprint.


TreeHugger is a global team of more than 40 passionate people from varied backgrounds and nationalities who are united by the desire to help push sustainability further into the mainstream. We reach millions of people who tune in to hear what we have to say.


Want to become part of that voice? Here's precisely what we’d like you to do:


1) Introduce yourself: Give us a short paragraph that includes your name, location, and a brief overview of who you are.

2) Tell us why you’re a good candidate. Do you have past experience? Do you work in the field? Do you subscribe to 150 RSS feeds about alternative energy and follow websites about it each day?

3) Tell us about your computer-skillz: Have you ever blogged? Do you know basic HTML? Do you know how to edit pictures?

4) Include three writing samples: Introduce each with the headline and a one- or two-line intro. Links to your work are preferable to attachments, if possible.

5) Send us three ideas about things you’d like to write about: Include a one- or two-sentence pitch for each idea. Address what the story would be about, why it’s a good fit for TH, and include a link to more information.

6) Send your email with the following subject line: "TH Writer Hunt: Alternative Energy" to Meaghan(at)treehugger.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About referrals:

We're giving a $200 referral reward (paid via Paypal) to anyone who sends our way a good writer that we take on board and keep (there's a tryout period). If you know someone who would be a great TreeHugger writer, let him or her know about this position!


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